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There is no standard definition of classic cars, but the older the car the more the more likely it is to be called classic. Usually, cars that are older than 20 years and are in good working condition are regarded as classic cars. If you own one of these beauties you may be looking for cheap classic car insurance. Insurance has evolved; it is now very easy to get insurance coverage for your classic car unlike in past years when securing insurance for the classic car category had so many restrictions. To get a policy for a classic car was a tedious process in which the insurance provider required you to provide a lot of information; the firms were also very particular on the models, age and make of the car.

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Internet has become a profitable marketplace for insurance companies. It is easy to get several cheap classic car insurance quotes in minutes via internet. These nearly instant insurance quote comparisons will save you time and money. Internet will provide you with a freedom to choose from the comparison sites which company is offering a better deal for classic car insurance coverage.

It should be noted that not all insurance companies have the same policy conditions which means that you need to do your research to find the best company to provide you with the coverage you need. Remember, when buying cheap classic car insurance sometimes you get what you pay for. If you find a good policy for your classic car, you will be assured of compensation and no complications from the insurer in case you are involved in an accident. It is also wise to find out if the provider has requirements for the mileage of the vehicle. Many policy allow only 3,000 miles for a whole year under the classic car coverage, while some insurance companies will impose restrictions only after your vehicle is in an accident.

Finding cheap classic car insurance will depend on the age bracket of the driver or the owner. Insurance providers are very particular on who will be using the car regularly. Women have an advantage over men because they are considered to be less aggressive drivers as compared to men thus they attract a better insurance rate. The same case applies to young drivers like teenagers and at times student drivers under 21 who are perceived as reckless drivers and pose a high risk of causing accidents. This perceived risk will lead to increased car insurance premiums.

There is no need to over spend on insurance so make sure that you find cheap classic car insurance that meets all of your coverage needs. Once you get the policy try to maintain a clean driving record and you will enjoy lower rates for many years to come.

Bicycles and Insurance

Just to make clear right away you must stay safe and a good way of doing this is by purchasing the correct gear and also covering yourself by getting a bicycle insurance policy, any will do, as long as it covers you for any theft and accidents.

What I am going to do is share some of my experiences on creating an enjoyable riding experience for you so that bicycling will become a passion for you as it is with me. I have been avid bike rider for as long as I can remember, I use my bicycle for everything I can get away with because for me it is simple more enjoyable ways to travel. When I was in high school I would bike 5 miles to my job over hilly gravel roads, work for 5 hours raking, pulling weeds, shoveling sand, trimming trees and mowing grass and then after all that was said and done I would bike the 5 miles home. I didn’t do that because I didn’t have car or I couldn’t afford the gas I did it because I genuinely enjoyed biking. Then for the past 2 years I have been fortunate enough to live in a small town where I don’t have to drive my car more than once a week. All this time on a bicycle has shown me what works for several types of riding. I am going to besharing my insights on country biking and urban biking which are similar in a lot of ways but have some differences I would like to emphasize.

Country Biking

For the purposes of this article country biking will be long distance open road biking on gravel or paved roads with varying topography and few start and stops. There are 4 things that can make country biking a truly horrible activity in my experience.

I have suffered from all of these at various points in my life and let me tell you they can make even an avid bicyclist like me to regret going out that day. There are two types of bicycles that are useful in country riding. The first would be a road or street bicyclewhich isthe standard model and a hybrid bicycle which combines a street bicycle and a mountain bike. The street bicycle is perfect for biking on paved roads or maybe well maintained gravel depending on the type of wheels equipped. Most street bicycles in my experience come equipped with those narrow tires which are great for reducing friction and improving performance on pavement but can betricky on bad roads or gravel. I much preferthe hybrid for my country biking since I tend to bike on gravel and do some off roading if the mood takes me. I find the style of tire, the gearing options and comfort provided by the hybrid bicycle to more than compensate for it lower efficiency when compared to the street bike.

Now that the bike has been chosen there is a few ergonomic and efficiency considerations to take care of.

Urban Biking

Many of the same ideas I outlined above will apply here as well. There are some difference I would like to bring up. The first would be traffic and pedestrian concerns, while these are not so much of a issuein the country in towns, cars and pedestrians are king and queen and should betreated as such. Always always yield to cars because you do not know if they see you or that they will stop or slow down because of you. I couldn’t even begin to count how many close calls I have had with vehicles over the years but I have avoided all of them by yielding to them. The same is true for pedestrians always let them go by first and don’t come up from behind them unless you can give them a wide birth. I have had close calls with pedestrians to because they don’t always do what you expect them too. One example I can think of is I almost ran over an elderly women on top of a dam because she stopped and turned right into my path as I was biking by.

The only change I would make to the bike going from long distance country biking to urban biking would be the height or the seat. Having the seat set for full leg extension it great for maximizing efficiency in long rides but it can be troublesome to get on and off the bike. So I have found it easier just to set the seat low enough to make it is easy to get on and off the bike.

With a little forethought and planning any bike ride can bean enjoyable one. I would suggest finding ways you can include bicycles in your life more. I use mine to exercise, commute to work, go the library, grocery shop, go to the park, run errands, and to simply enjoy my life. Biking can bea great solo activity or a awesome group activity, just make sure all group members are about the same fitness level otherwise the advanced bicyclists may feel slowed down and the slower ones will feel left out.

Classic car insurance comparisons what do they do?

Hey guys, today our top is about online classic car insurance comparison sites, are they worth it and what exactly they can do for you to help.

You must have seen or heard about insurance comparison sites on the internet or even during an ad break, there are quite a few of them around, they are around because they help people obtain an informed decision for a generic insurance policy, there are alot of insurance products available today ranging from covering your pet all the way to gadget insurances’. This makes things very frustrating at times as there are so many choices, this is where these intelligent comparison sites come into the picture, by entering some information about yourself regarding the insurance you require, it will search and compare prices/policies for you and then display them all on one page for you.

compare classic car insuranceGone are the days where you should be on the telephone for hours with a broker who simply transfers you from pillar to post and you having to repeat your details over and over and listening to an insurance representative babble about the terms of services and all that boring stuff.

If you ask me, these compare sites are a blessing, they take a few minutes to work and they can display a vast range of insurers that your telephone broker can not and you can simply browse a single web page to make your decision.

When it comes to choosing a policy, you can then either contact the company in question with a unique quotation number to complete the transaction or even more simply, just make payment over the internet and you’ll get your insurance certificates via your email which you can print out at your convenience or some insurers are known to just send you out a hard copy aswell which is an added bonus.

Obtaining insurance used to be a hassle, don’t make it be a hassle today, it is very simple and can be done within minutes, best of all, you can make a huge saving cutting out the middle man! So the next time you need to renew or need insurance, give them a go, there are plenty of them around.